jueves, mayo 05, 2011

About a girl

I wanna get high

I wanna be so fuckin' high under a blanket of black

I wanna pop up out of my body and cover myself with my own walls

I feel like crying but I don't want to (And I'm not sure I could even though I try)

I feel like destroying something beautiful like you've destroyed that side of me

Now shut the fuck up! I said, shut the fuck up, yes, I said it, no regrets at all. Shut the fuck up.

(hold on)

And I wanna destroy
Gimme your stupid keyboard, I'm gonna smash it against the wall, and I'm gonna destroy the wall, and you won't have your fuckin' wall any longer.
And it's nobody's fault, but now this time of mine is yours and I can't do anything but giving you my time; to create, to destroy.

"I'm gonna get blue, I'm gonna cut my throat, I'm gonna smash my head I'm gonna jump into the bath I'm gonna lie in bed"
(sometimes my mind don't shake and shift, but most of the time it does)
But not now
Trust me, not now
If I were speaking in spanish it would be real
But it's not!
Did you hear me? It is not.
So this never happened
Because I say so.
And you'll come, and everything will be like it was about to be
The silent universe is running after you
And I'm not good acting my own scene.
(and all the trees al rolling after you)
And I'm watching you as the shadow I am
With my mysterious skills
And now you're about to feel that your body went frozen
Because now you can feel my emptiness
And I'm gonna cook me up, right now.


Creer en la soledad
o estar solo en la creencia
creer que la soledad es creencia.
Darle voces y nombres
a los que crean la ilusión
creer que no se está solo
o, solo, creer.
Pero junto a la advertencia,
ahí, donde no vale hablar,
te entrego mi arma,
lo hago por vos.